Camper Trailer Covers

Camper Trailer Covers

Your camper trailer is your pride and joy. It deserves the best protection at all times. Award RV Superstore offers high quality camper trailer covers that offer the best protection against the elements for your camper trailer. Keeping your camper trailer in tp form and extending its life is easy with our range of trailer overs.

Our branded range of camper trailer covers are extremely durable and super strong. What’s more, setting up and pulling down these covers is a breeze. These trailer covers are designed to provide protection from the harsh climate as well as other external factors such as bird droppings, tree samp, acid rain and other things that you want to keep your trailer from.

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Quality Camper Trailer Covers from Premier Platinum

Premier Platinum is a leading name in camper trailer covers. Premier Platinum is the toughest and the most durable camper trailer cover in the market. Designed specifically for Australia’s climatic conditions, these covers will protect your investment from wind, dust, sun and rain.

These covers are UV50+ stabilized and feature 300 Denier roof. Made of 4-layer heavy duty polypropolene fabric, these trailer covers feature a 100% waterproof roof. And the breathable side panels offer maximum resistance against mould and mildew.

The lining on these covers is soft and non-abrasive to ensure the bodywork does not suffer any scratches when setting up or pulling out. The strap and buckle system secures the cover in place and the elasticised hem at the front and rear make set-up a breeze.

Reassuring you of their quality is the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty that these covers come with. All in all, Premier Premium covers are the best camper trailer covers in the market.

Discount Camper Trailer Covers from Award RV Superstore

Whether you are looking for a trailer cover for a 10-foot camper or a large trailer cover for your 16-foot camper, you will find them all here. Call us at (03) 9753 5511 for a quick chat or explore our collection below.

Whether you own a fold-out camper trailer, a pop-up camper or a custom camper trailer, these universal trailer covers will fit all types of camper trailers. Simply measure your camper trailer to determine the size range and choose the right size cover and you’re all set to protect your camper trailer.

Here at Award RV Superstore, we assure you of high quality camper trailer covers at the lowest prices. We take great pride in our huge range of caravan and camper trailer products. With thousands of products to choose from at our online store, we simply spoil you for choice.

Using Your Camper Trailer Cover

Before fitting your cover on to your camper trailer, be sure to give your trailer a good clean to ensure it is free of any dirt or debris. You will want to make sure any sharp corners on the trailer are padded to ensure the cover is not damaged. This includes steps, corners and even antennas on the top. Now you are all set to set up your camper trailer cover. 

Premier Platinum Camper Cover 10-12FT
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Premier Platinum Camper Cover 12-14FT
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Premier Platinum Camper Cover 14-16FT
14% OFF RRP $269.95