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Turn your caravan into a home away from home with the complete range of caravan ki9tchen accessories and camper trailer kitchen parts from Award RV Superstore. We offer all kitchen essentials for your cooking and catering needs in the caravan including pots, pans, kettles, cooker, grills and more. Whether you want to brew, fry, slice, bake or chop something, our range of caravan kitchen accessories will come really handy.

BBQ Grill Mat – This non-stick BBQ grill matt is ideal for use in oven or BBQ to grill vegetables, meat and fish. You can easily cut this mat down to the size of your tray or grill.

Australian RV Compact Cutlery Tray – This plastic cutlery drawer insert will keep all your kitchen cutlery in order. Featuring 4 divisions, this compact cutlery tray insert is the perfect addition to your caravan kitchen.

Mini Dish Drainer – This compact drainer features a drip tray and is perfect for camping, caravans and motorhomes.

Polycarbonate Wine Glass Small – Made of polycarbonate, this wine glass is the closest you will ever find to the real thing. However, glass can break, shatter or chip. Do away with all these problems with this polycarbonate glass that’s extremely durable and long lasting. It is dishwasher safe and resistant to scratches and discolouration.

Reusable Potato Cooking Bag – Bake potatoes in the oven in minutes using this reusable, microwavable potato cooking bag. It is the most convenient way to cook oven baked potatoes without any hassle right inside your caravan kitchen. The unique insulation design creates steam pockets to provide the moisture your potato needs.

Royal Kitchenware Folding Camp Toaster – This stainless steel toaster folds flat, is extremely easy to use and even easier to clean. Use this toaster over a gas burner or open fire for delicious toasted goodies.

Royal Kitchenware Whistling Kettle 2.5L – Featuring a fast boiling base and a cool touch handle this kettle is induction friendly. Made of high quality stainless steel, this kettle can be used on all kinds of heating surfaces including electric, gas and ceramic. It is available in 4 exciting colours – red, blue, purple and silver.

Collapsible Sink 0477 – When you are looking for a caravan sink in Australia, look no further than this collapsible sink. Made of BPA free material, this sink features a removable lug and folds flat for hassle-free storage. It is an excellent way to save space in your caravan, boat or even at home.

Roll Out Pantry Sliding Shelf – This pantry features two chrome-plated baskets that sit inside the pull out frame. The pull out frame is constructed of tubular steel. This sliding shelf is designed to slide into a cupboard or a runner. This is one of the best caravan kitchen accessories you can buy.

Collapsible Silicone Cutting Board 0464 – Built from BPA-free, high quality silicone, this cutting board is completely dishwasher safe. Boasting a premium build quality, this cutting board is scratch resistant, non-slip and easy to clean. What’s more, it is heat resistant, durable and antimicrobial too. 

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