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Award RV Superstore offers a wide range of RV power solutions for life on the road. Whether you are looking for batteries, battery charges, solar power, generators or inverters, we stock the best quality brands from some of the renowned names in caravan power solutions. 

Installing a leisure battery designed for your caravan can help save money by allowing you to free camp for several days. Designed for life on the road, these leisure batteries can come really handy when you are out camping. We also stock car batteries, deep cycle batteries and lithium batteries. 

Waeco Battery Pack – The Waeco Coolpower RAPS44 Battery Power Pack for camping is a portable 12v battery. It’s a wonderful option for operating a portable fridge or a freezer for days on end. With a superior charging and discharging cycle of 44 amp hours, this Waeco battery pack is built for efficient power. 

Projecta Power Station Battery Box – Turn your ordinary battery into a supercharged powerhouse with the Projecta BPE330. Just fit in your battery into this pre-wired box and you are all set. 

Projecta Battery Charger – We offer a selection of Projecta battery chargers to choose from. Boasting a 2-year warranty, a Project battery box features sophisticated electronics and 5-stage charging. It guarantees a thorough and a comprehensive charge for larger battery packs found in motorhomes and caravans. 

Projecta DC Battery Charger – The Projecta Solar Battery Charger is a dual battery management system that’s perfect for your caravan and offers a 3-stage charge from solar as well as alternator inputs. The 25A Intelli Charger 9-32V lithium dual battery charger is another hybrid charger that’s engineered for lithium iron phosphate batteries. 

All-Purpose Batteries – An all-purpose battery is the perfect all-rounder you needed. Boasting high temperature tolerance and better resistance to vibration, an all-purpose battery is ideal for leisure and general applications. 

Projecta IC700 Battery Charger – This 12v Automatic AGM Deep Cycle battery from Projecta boasts a deep 7 stage cycle and assures you of superior performance. Set the charge profile to suit different battery chemistry types be it wet, AG, calcium or gel.

Century AGM Battery – Looking to buy the best AGM deep cycle battery? We have you covered. Century AGM deep cycle batteries offer the ultimate in performance and technology. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) acts as a sponge to send electrolyte in extremely porous glass mat separators, which prevents the dangers that are commonplace with acid leaks or spills. 

Roman 44AH Power Pack – This battery box for camping is a power pack that’s ideal for fishing, camping, caravanning and other outdoor adventures. You can effortlessly operate a 12V DC refrigerator or 12v lights using this popular power pack for camping. 

The Complete Solution

Here at Award RV Superstore, we assure you of the best quality power solutions for your caravan. Whether you are looking for a deep cycle AGM battery, a camping battery pack, cheap deep cycle battery, lithium camping batter, or a portable battery pack for camping, we have you covered.

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