Caravan Plumbing Accessories

Caravan plumbing accessories and fittings ensure your caravan’s plumbing system functions smoothly at all times. Award RV offers a wide range of RV and caravan plumbing fittings and accesses. Whether you are looking for water filters for touring caravans, caravan taps and fittings, caravan hot water system, caravan water filter, caravan water tank or need caravan water pipe fittings for a repair, we have all your plumbing needs covered. 

95 Litre Grey Water Tank – Caravan grey water tanks are an important addition to your caravan. This grey water tank features an offset flush point that allows 100% flushing. You can run multiple tanks to add capacity. This caravan water tank comes with fittings and is ready to install. 

Suburban Anode Rod – This caravan hot water anode is compatible with all models of Suburban hot water heaters. This magnesium sacrificial rod is an important part of your Suburban water heater. 

Roto Water Tank 86L – This 86 litre water tank is made for caravans, motorhomes and RVs. Fitting this water tank to your camper trailer will ensure you have an uninterrupted supply of potable water when you are on the move.

RV Electronics Water Level Indicator – This caravan water tank gauge features a coloured LCD analogue display. It can be matched with 7.5m, 5m and 2.5m lead sender probes.

RV FlowMaster Inline Carbon Water Filter T33A – This activated carbon inline water filter for caravan reduces bad odour and taste to give you clean and pure water. This filter is easy to use and can be installed inline or near the tank.  

New Shurflo Twin Water Filter Housing – These water filters are designed with caravans in mind. Made from durable polypropylene, this filter housing is compact and assures you of crystal clear water. 

John Guest Fittings – We have an array of caravan water fittings from the John Guest range including straight equal joiner, straight adaptor, female adaptor, equal elbow connector, step adaptor and equal tee. 

Thetford Spinflo Kitchen Center Sink – The Thetford Kitchen Center features a sink, a chopping board, a cutlery box, a drainer and a glass lid. This caravan sink is the perfect caravan accessory to add to your kitchen. 

Sealflo 12V Fresh Water Pump 9.5L – This professional grade water pump will automatically provide fresh water. Operating smoothly and silently, this self-priming water pump boasts low power draw. What’s more, it runs dry without any damage. 

12V Camping Shower Kit – This kit features a shower head, a submersible pump, a 12V cigarette lighter plug. It’s easy to carry, practical and completely convenient. Simply plug it and you are all set for a shower when on the road or out camping. 

Girard Endless Hot Water System GSWH2 – Featuring a digital control panel, this on-demand hot water system from Girard is watermarked and Australian approved. You can even add cold water to get hot water to the desired temperature. 

Trojan Hand Pump – This hand pump in white boasts effortless, quiet operation. Its double action system pumps water on both down pump and up pump.

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