Caravan Cleaners

Caravan cleaners are designed for cleaning you caravan perfectly, they are PH neutral so therefore protect the outside of you van,  There are caravan cleaners for Fibre Glass  Caravan, Aliminmum Clad vans or you camper trailer.  Some caravan cleaners have polish included.

DId you know you can clean your awning - the CAMCO awning cleaners have been designed specfically for cleaning awnings or canvas camper trailers.

Caravan Cleaners

Your caravan is your home away from home. No wonder, you want to keep it spotlessly clean. If you are looking for high quality cleaning products for your caravan, look no further. Award RV Superstore stocks a wide range of quality caravan cleaning products including cleaners, polishes and caravan cleaning equipment. Whether you are working with paint, rubber, plastic, carpet or metal, we have a caravan cleaner for every part of your caravan or motorhome.

Camco RV Awning Cleaner – Caravan awning cleaning is a breeze with this stellar product. It will efficiently remove mould stains, tree sap, dirt and road grime from the awnings of your caravan.

Vantec Sealguard Conditioner 500ml – When you want to ensure your caravan looks like fresh and new for years down the line, it’s important to protect it against environmental damage caused by the elements and the weather. Boasting the latest non-technology, the Vantec Sealguard Conditioner prevents oxidation from sea air, salt water and chalking. Whether you need caravan polish or waxing, this product will get the job done effectively.

Voom RV Cleaner – This caravan cleaner is all you need to clean your caravan from inside and out. This all-purpose cleaner is safe for all surfaces. In fact, it is safe for the planet too. The Voom RV cleaner is biodegradable and does not contain any distillates. This cleaner is all you need to clean appliances, carpets, tubs, hard water stains, upholstery, spots, mould, mildew, bug stains, chrome, black streaks, tar and more.

5-Piece RV Starter Cleaning Set – This five piece cleaning set is an excellent buy for your new caravan. The set includes a wash and wax solution, a carpet and upholstery cleaner, a fabric cleaner, a Black Stream remover and an anti-bug solution.

Mould Rid 1 Litre – This is an excellent product for removing mould and mildew from canvas. It’s the perfect solution for restoring your old tent.

Thetford Tank Sanitizer Kit – The Thetford Fresh Water Caravan Tank Sanitizer Kit has been designed to sanitize the hard surface of water tanks, water coolers and drinking water hoses. It makes for an excellent sanitizer for food-contact surfaces. This chemically balanced sanitizer does not leave behind any soap scum or grit. This two-part system is highly effective and very easy to use.

Camco Adjustable Broom and Dustpan – This broom and dustpan set has been designed for caravans and RVs. The broom can be adjusted in height for maximum comfort. Keep it as short as 24” or as long as 52”. The soft-bristled head offers excellent cleaning power whereas the dustpan effortlessly clips to the bottom of the handle for easy storage.

Camco RV Bug and Tar Cutter – This solution is so powerful that it can cut through the toughest of tar and bug building on your caravan. The thick formula offers efficient cleaning. What’s more it is perfectly safe for all the exterior surfaces of your caravan, RV or motorhome

Camco RV Wash and Wax – This cleaner is all you need to clean your caravan and give it a polished look. This commercial grade product will reduce cleaning time dramatically and is sure to give a showroom finish every time. 

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