Portable Caravan Toilets

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When it’s time for nature to take its course, don’t disrupt nature. Make sure you’ve got a camping toilet that you and your family can use and a way of properly disposing of any mess. From folding toilets through to portable, foot flush and cassette toilets, Award RV Superstore has a solution for you and your business.

We’ve got portable toilets for every budget!

Portable Toilets Adelaide

From cheaper folding toilets to the maximum comfort of cassette toilets with tanks attached, we have the toilet you need. We ship portable toilets to Adelaide and other major cities.

We’ve got folding camping toilets!

Portable Toilets Newcastle

Need an easy to move portable toilet that can easily be folded and put away? Check out our range now. We ship folding portable toilets to Newcastle and everywhere else in Australia.

Get a portable toilet for your caravan!

Portable Toilets Canberra

If you’re looking for a comfortable portable toilet for your caravan, check out our range of Thetford toilets. If you’re after portable toilets in Canberra, we ship to you quickly.

Choose a toilet with a foot flush!

Portable Toilets Geelong

If you love the convenience of a foot flush, we have toilets that can do that too. We ship portable toilets to Geelong and throughout Australia and New Zealand too.

Look at our range of cassette toilets!

Portable Toilets Gold Coast

The ultimate portable toilet experience has to be using cassette toilets which have a tank attached that also work as back rests. We can ship our entire range of portable toilets to Gold Coast and other Australian areas.

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