AllAboutRVs' 2018 Guide to RV Tankless Water Heaters: Key Insights

Date Posted:19 May 2018 

In a 2018 video, AllAboutRVs discusses the ups and downs of using a tankless water heater in an RV, offering a comprehensive look at benefits like endless hot water as well as the challenges.

The popular YouTube channel AllAboutRVs recently posted an eye-opening video, where they shared their year-long experience with a tankless water heater installed in their RV. The video is a comprehensive guide that explores the pros and cons of transitioning from a traditional water heater to a tankless system. For those who haven't caught the video yet, here are the key takeaways from their enlightening discussion.

The Upsides

A Never-Ending Supply of Hot Water

One of the most emphasized benefits AllAboutRVs highlighted was the endless supply of hot water. They pointed out how conventional tank-based water heaters often cause what they amusingly called "shower races," where you're compelled to finish your shower before the hot water runs out. With a tankless system, they enjoyed unlimited hot showers, an advantage they considered game-changing for their family of four.

Virtually Zero Recovery Time

Another perk of going tankless, as shared by AllAboutRVs, is the incredibly quick recovery time. In a traditional water heater, you typically have to wait for the tank to refill and reheat, which can be inconvenient. Their tankless system allowed for immediate hot water availability, even with multiple family members taking showers and doing dishes back-to-back.

Temperature Precision

Temperature control was another feature that impressed AllAboutRVs. They could set the exact temperature of the hot water, which was particularly helpful in different weather conditions. On hot summer days, they enjoyed being able to lower the water temperature easily and found this feature surprisingly useful.

The Downsides

Initial Cost

Although they loved the benefits, AllAboutRVs didn't shy away from discussing the upfront costs of installing a tankless water heater. They mentioned that it's considerably more expensive than a traditional system, and you may need a professional to set it up, adding to the expense.

Complexity and Maintenance

The system's complexity was another con AllAboutRVs touched on. Unlike traditional water heaters, which are usually straightforward to operate and maintain, their tankless system required a bit of a learning curve and additional maintenance, including occasional descaling.

Potential Inconsistency

AllAboutRVs also observed that when they were not hooked up to a full utility setup, they sometimes experienced fluctuations in water temperature. They found that the system was less reliable when running on propane, with the water temperature sometimes varying more than they'd like.

The Final Verdict

Overall, AllAboutRVs seem satisfied with their tankless water heater, feeling that the pros outweigh the cons for their lifestyle. They advised viewers to consider their individual needs and circumstances before making the switch.

Their video serves as an insightful resource for anyone pondering whether to go tankless, providing real-world insights and useful tips. Whether you're a homeowner or an RV enthusiast, their candid discussion offers valuable points to consider in making your decision.


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