Caravan Appliances

Award RV brings to you the choicest selection of caravan appliances. The truth is that our lives are incomplete without our appliances. Whether you are out in the bush or parked in a caravan park, all of us want the creature comforts that these major appliances provide. From cooking to washing your clothes, appliances allow you to get things done. 

Award RV offers a wide variety of major appliances for caravans so you can enjoy the comforts of home even when you are on the road. From caravan washing machines and heaters to Dometic toilets and air conditioners, we offer them all at our online store. 

Here’s a look at some of our most popular caravan appliances

Companion Ezywash Washing Machine – This twin tub caravan washing machine from Companion is ideal for camping and your mobile home. Wash your clothes and even dry them effortlessly. The Companion Ezywash camping washing machine is easy to operate and connects to a 240v AC outlet. 

Dometic CTS 4110 Toilet Bowl – Dometic toilets are renowned for their superior build quality and compact designs. This space-saving toilet features a compact seat while allowing you more room for other things in your toilet. The ceramic inlay with a plastic block means that this toilet bowl is lightweight and extremely rigid at the same time. 

Sunpower RV Diesel Heater – These caravan heaters run on diesel and boast a 2-year warranty. Features include low fuel consumption, low power consumption, lightweight and compact design. The kit includes a remote control, digital controller, muffler and air intake filter. 

NCE 2.5 KG Top Loading Washing Machine – A hugely popular portable washing machine in Australia, this top loading 240V camp washing machine is designed for caravans, RVs and motorhomes. When you are looking for a portable washing machine for your camping trips, look no further than this washing machine that’s designed for caravans.

Dometic Aircommand Sparrow Air Conditioner – The Dometic Aircommand is compact and lightweight and features three blower speeds. Operating this air conditioner is easy with its control-panel or the remote control. 

Dometic RUC8408X Fridge and Freezer – The Dometic RUC8408X is the result of years of research and refinement and is one of the best caravan refrigerators in the market. The narrow yet tall cabinet offers excellent flexibility in the kitchen while offering ample storage volume. Its smaller footprint makes installation a breeze. 

Thetford PP Excellence Electric Porta Potti 565 – The Porta Potti 565 is a portable toilet unlike any other. It’s stylish yet efficient and boasts a comfortable seating height. It comes with an integrated toilet paper holder, a water fill adaptor and a flush-water level indicator. The controls are on the cover and the carry handle makes it extremely easy to carry around. 

Midea Mini Dishwasher – This benchtop dishwasher matches the cleaning power of a full-size dishwasher. Featuring an insulated water tank, child lock, LED display and a touch control, this is a stylish and highly functional portable dishwasher that’s a must-have in your caravan or RV. 

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